Who is Lary Holland? You probably have come to the wrong place to determine that, but I am flattered you took the time to check anyways. Now carry on…

This site is a partial footprint of my journey over the years and about some interests that I have picked up along the way. My thoughts about society, education, computers, network security, technology, programming, privacy, and probably just about anything else that I have a thought on or the time to write about may make its’ way here.

This is a continuous message that will someday actually evolve into a story. Some of my past writings will eventually even find their way back into the site as well as some of the things that I have discovered along the way. The timeline will eventually fill itself back in.

A Personal Note:

One of my greatest feelings of joy in the world was the immediate moments after each one of my children were born and I held them for the first time. I am very proud of both my children. They have always impressed me.

A Philosophical Note:

I love philosophy, a great discussion, and an even better debate. So I leave with you simple question to think about for a philosophical discussion… How long is a second?

A Professional Note:

I problem solve for a living. Programming, Networking, Collaborating, Restructuring, and an Expert in a lot of technology areas. I love what I do and I love why I do it.

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